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Surfkoat, HERITAGE Reactive concrete acid stain is an All Natural, Organic colored acid stain. No other products process can produce the superb marble and antique patina style finishes of HERITAGE. This process reacts chemically with the mineral content of the concrete for a uniquely beautiful, deep penetrating, permanent stain. All of these stains are UV stable when sealed. Used for interior or exterior. Dilution rate will dictate reaction strength. Standard dilution rate is 1:1 with water.


  • Reactive Concrete Acid Stain

  • Marble Patina Like Finish

  • Concentrated Formula

  • 9 Earth Tone Color Options

Surfkoat, Liquid Additive for Acetone Dyes One Bottle enough for 5 Gallons of Dye Promotes Better Dye Penetration Helps Aid in Mottling Effect.


  • Liquid Additive for Acetone Dyes

  • Promotes Increased Dye Penetration

  • Exceptional Mottling Effects Achieved

  • Economical Aid for Kolour Dye

Surfkoat, Interior Kolour Dye is a semi transparent dye for polished concrete, formulated using very fine pigments designed to penetrate and color interior cementitious surfaces. Interior Kolour Dye creates a unique, multi colored patina like effect that unlike paints, will not crack, chip, or peel. Interior Kolour Dye is available in 20 standard colors but can be combined to create an unlimited color palate.


  • Powder Concrete Dye 

  • Designed for Use in Polishing Systems

  • Concentrated - Mixes with Acetone

  • 20 Neutral & Vibrant Color Options

Surfkoat, ACRYLPACK-S is a high solids, concentrated, solvent based acrylic tint system specially formulated for solvent based acrylic concrete sealers.


  • Colorant for Solvent Base Acrylic Concrete Sealer

  • Excellent Opacity Qualities

  • Convenient Coloring System

  • 14 Color Options - Kolour Koat

exterior dye_edited.png


  • Liquid Concrete Dye 

  • UV Stable - Interior & Exterior Use

  • Concentrated - Mixes with Acetone

  • 28 Neutral & Vibrant Color Options

Surfkoat, polyrez, Metallic FX is a unique metallic powder pigment system for both 100% solids 250 HP Cyclo Epoxy & Maxx Flow Epoxy. Metallic FX is suited for both concretefloor & countertop applications.  It can be used in living spaces, offices, showrooms, garages, retail stores and more.


  • Colorant for 100% Epoxy Coatings

  • Metallic Coloring System

  • Incredible Marble Like Effects

  • 20 Color Options

Kolour koat color packs from surfkoat are concentrated pigments for sealers and other concrete coatings.


  • Colorant for SurfKoat Systems

  • Excellent Opacity Qualities

  • Convenient Coloring System

  • 14 Color Options - Kolour Koat

  • 6 WB Options

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