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Surfkoat, Aqualon S-400 is an environmentally friendly, VOC free, sodium silicate concrete floor densifier, hardener, and sealer which works by reacting with the free lime in the concrete. Aqualon S-400 is designed to penetrate and protect the surface by reducing porosity and dusting to improve abrasion resistance and hardness. The finished concrete surface is breathable and easier to maintain since it does not wear or peel away.


  • Concrete Densifier & Hardener

  • Sodium Silicate

  • Most Economical Option

  • Odorless, VOC Free Formula

Surfkoat, Aqualon Nano Guard is copolymer blend of high gloss sealer and high performance lithium silicate densifier. Aqualon Nano Guard is designed to give standard concrete surfaces beautiful sheen while providing improved resistance to stains and increased surface hardness.


  • Polished Concrete Floor Guard

  • Copolymer/Lithium Silicate Blend

  • UV Stable & Breathable

  • Extreme Protection for Polished Floors

Surfkoat, Aqualon SP-450 is a water based blend of 100% active sodium silicate and siliconate polymers that penetrate the surface and react with the calcium and free lime to increase density, hardness, and strength of the concrete. Those properties reduce dusting, tire marks, and maintenance on the surface.


  • Concrete Densifier & Hardener

  • Sodium Silicate/Potassium Siliconate

  • Excellent Water Proofing

  • Easy to Use, Odorless Formula

Surfkoat, Aqualon WB Stain Guard is a penetrating stain protector for polished concrete floors. Aqualon WB Stain Guard provides long lasting protection in many different applications while remaining completely breathable. Aqualon WB Stain Guard has extended coverage rates and excellent wear capabilities to protect high traffic polished concrete areas for long periods of time.


  • Polishing Stain Repellent

  • Deep Penetrating Blend

  • UV Stable & Breathable

  • Extreme Protection for Polished Floors

Surfkoat, Aqualon L-100 is an environmentally friendly, VOC free, lithium silicate concrete floor densifier, hardener, and sealer. Aqualon L-100 is designed to penetrate untreated, bare concrete surfaces providing a permanent glossy, dust proof floor. Aqualon L-100 reacts quickly with the floor surface to produce initial and ultimate hardness. Aqualon L-100 shows great effectiveness when used in conjunction with a floor polishing machine, yielding a highly protected, hardened, and densified concrete floor.


  • Concrete Densifier & Hardener

  • Lithium Silicate

  • Combats Surface ASR

  • Odorless, VOC Free Formula

surfkoat, Interior Kolour Dye is a semi transparent dye for polished concrete, formulated using very fine pigments designed to penetrate and color interior cementitious surfaces. Interior Kolour Dye creates a unique, multi colored patina like effect that unlike paints, will not crack, chip, or peel. Interior Kolour Dye is available in 20 standard colors but can be combined to create an unlimited color palate. When used properly it can create a mottling or marbleized effect very similar to acid stains.


  • Powder Concrete Dye 

  • Designed for Use in Polishing Systems

  • Concentrated - Mixes with Acetone

  • 20 Neutral & Vibrant Color Options

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