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SurfKoat, Aggreseal Supreme - Solvent Based Acrylic


  • Solvent Based Copolymer Sealer

  • High Gloss 30% Solids Content

  • Non-Yellowing, Professional Grade

  • Available in Clear, Brown, or Gray

Surfkoat, aggresol-s surface retarder for exposed aggregate concrete.


  • Exposed Aggregate Surface Retarder

  • Water Based Material

  • Time Tested Formulation

  • Provides Controlled Etch

SurfKoat, Aggreseal Supreme - Low VOC Solvent Based Acrylic aggregate concrete sealer

350 VOC

  • Solvent Based Copolymer Sealer

  • High Gloss 25% Solids Content

  • Non-Yellowing, Professional Grade

  • Available in Clear, Brown, or Gray

Form retarder for exposing aggregate in fresh placed concrete.


  • Exposed Aggregate Form Retarder

  • Water Based Material

  • Gel Consistency for Form Application

  • Provides Controlled Etch

Surface Aid is a Solvent Blend Thinner that helps in solving many common sealer issues that can happen.


  • Solvent Blend Thinner

  • Cures Blushing

  • Easily Melts Down Sealer

  • Sprayable, Quick Drying Formula

Surfkoat, Aggreseal concentrated tint can be add to 5 Gallons of Aggreseal Supreme Brown (brown lid) or Aggreseal Supreme Gray (gray lid) to double the tint concentrate if desired.


  • Available in Brown & Gray

  • Can be used in SurfKoat’s 2000 Supreme or Luster Shield.

  • Economical & easily disperses into most Solvent based Acrylic Sealers.

Surfkoat Surf-Grip is a micronized polymer specially designed for added grip, slight loss of gloss, and fine texturing in solvent based acrylic concrete coatings, paints, etc. Because of Surf-Grips high solvent resistance and very low oil absorption, it will stir into solvent based acrylic coatings easily without noticeably changing the sealers viscosity.  Suspension is a key characteristic of Surf-Grip due to its low density, even in very low viscosity coatings.


  • Anti-Skid Coating Additive

  • Provides Superior Slip Resistance

  • Great for Concrete Sealers, Epoxy coatings, & Urethanes

  • Available in Multiple Mesh Sizes

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