Surfkoat, Nock-Off is a roll on paint remover that is biodegradable, very user friendly, and environmentally safe. It is highly effective in removing even the toughest and most durable industrial coatings such as urethanes and epoxies from surfaces like metal, wood, masonry, brick and especially concrete.  Nock-Off provides superior stripping capabilities to lift alkyd paints, latex paints, lead based paints and varnish, as well as most two component epoxy coatings and fusion bonded epoxies from all types of substrates, including concrete, masonry, steel, aluminium, and metal alloys.


  • Coating & Sealer Stripper

  • Biodegradable Formulation

  • No Harsh Fumes

  • Removes Acrylic & Urethanes

surfkoat rust remover can be used full strength for tougher stains or diluted for a more gentle basic cleaning


  • Concrete Rust Remover

  • Economical Concentrated Formula

  • Removes Iron & Metallic Stains

  • Skin Contact Safer than Muriatic Acid

surfkoat Surf-Prep is an economical, concentrated acid based micro etching solution designed for superior profiling of unsealed slick trowel concrete surfaces. It provides the necessary characteristics to properly profile a floor prior to applying stain or other coatings without the harsh hazards of using muriatic acid. Surf-Prep slightly opens the pores to allow adequate adhesion for concrete coatings, and better acid staining color development and reaction.  It's excellent cleaning properties allow removal of mud stains, rust, and corrosion deposits from a multitude of concrete surfaces. A safer concrete prep chemical than muriatic acid.  Formulated as an economical, concentrated solution which can be diluted up to 1:3 with water.


  • Concrete Micro Etcher

  • Economical Acid Based Solution

  • Yields Consistent Etched Concrete Profile

  • Great for Acid Stain Preparation

surfkoat concrete cleaner is safe for all types of sealed and unsealed concrete surfaces.


  • Concentrated Concrete Cleaner

  • Excellent Daily Cleaner

  • Economical Cleaning Solution

  • Safe & Green Formulation

Coverage Varies
surfkoat citrus degreaser can be diluted or used full strength.


  • Citrus Based Concrete Degreaser

  • Biodegradable Formulation

  • Highly Concentrated

  • Quickly Dissolves Grease & Motor Oil

surfkoat Raw Solvents are used in various aspects of industry. Aromatic 100, Xylene, and Acetone are used in the paint and coatings manufacturing process. These solvents can be used for many various reasons such as paint and coating clean up for tools and accessories, paint thinning, coating re-emulsification for purpose of fixing faulty applications or conditions, etc.


  • Acetone

  • Xylene

  • Aromatic 100

  • Mineral Spirits

  • Denatured Alcohol

Coverage Varies
Crete Blast is completely biodegradable concrete de-bonding agent and remover. Crete Blast reverses the molecular bonding of cement and turns it back into a loose mix of slurry, sand, and aggregate that is easily rinsed away. It contains no hazardous ingredients, nor VOC’s that can cause harm to the environment. It’s superior cement de-bonding characteristics allow for easy removal of concrete from trucks, mixers, tools, saws, finishing machines, and much more without the high labor cost of damaging hammer and chisel work.


  • Concrete Remover

  • Biodegradable Formulation

  • Debonding Agent for Concrete

  • Excellent for Ready Mix Truck Cleaning

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Surfkoat Efflorescence Cleaner is an economical blend of low odor acids, surfactants, & detergents used for general cleaning of concrete, masonry, & hardscape surfaces. Efflorescence Cleaner effectively removes efflorescence, as well as surface mineral deposits. Efflorescence Cleaner is safe to use on most concrete surfaces, including colored concrete and will not "burn" pigments from the concrete surface.  Efflorescence Cleaner can be used without worry of concrete discoloration or surface damage commonly caused by using muriatic acid as cleaner.


  • Hardscape Efflorescence Cleaner

  • Economical Concentrated Formula

  • Easy to Use, Multi-Functional

  • No Muriatic Acid

Coverage Varies
Coverage Varies
Surface Aid - Solvent Blend Thinner - 5 gallon pail.png


  • Solvent Blend Thinner

  • Cures Blushing

  • Easily Melts Down Sealer

  • Sprayable, Quick Drying Formula

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