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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

1) Chase the concrete cracks with v-blade and fill with Rapid Set 100.

2) Grind the concrete floor and filled cracks with 30 grit or coarser diamonds. Clean dust thoroughly.

3) Squeegee 250 HP Cyclo Epoxy with Epopack-HP at 125 ft² per gallon (10-15 mils) across the concrete and backroll with 3/8” nap roller.

4) Squeegee 250 HP Cyclo Epoxy or Maxx Flow Epoxy with Metallic FX pigment at 75 ft² per gallon (20-30 mils), backroll and swirl/marble as desired with shedless roller. Techniques will vary.

5) Top coat with desired urethane or wax. MCU 85 No Odor urethane or Cherry Surf-Wax are suggested.

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