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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

1) Grind the floor with 120 grit or coarser diamonds. Clean dust thoroughly. For porous, unsealed surfaces Surf-Prep may be u

sed. Neutralize with Balance and allow to dry 24 hours. (Prep for the coating to be used.)

2) Spray diluted Exterior Kolour Dye at 600-1,000 ft² per gallon using an acetone resistant sprayer and a #8 conical tip. Work in a circular motion with a 30% overlap.

3) Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. Apply two coats of the appropriate sealer or coating for desired finish. Deco Guard is suggested for outdoor surfaces. 6000 WB Gloss Urethane is suggested for indoor surfaces. For solvent based sealers/coatings it is recommended to spray the first coat to avoid pulling color.

4) Maintain sealer, coating or wax as needed.

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